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The Ultimate Steamy Romance HER Bundle

The Ultimate Steamy Romance HER Bundle

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This is not your typical happily ever after...

Lauren Brooks wants to accomplish three things: escape the small town she grew up in, get accepted to her dream school in Chicago, and graduate without drowning in debt. Now, she's working her ass off to do just that.

With a full course load and a waitressing job at one of the hottest nightclubs in Chicago, she doesn't have time for distractions - namely, ones who only want to get into her pants. She's been burned before.

Only a fool goes for a second round... With just two semesters left until graduation, everything's on track. Until she meets Cal. Enter distraction. At six-foot-two, with ebony hair, deep grey eyes, and a smile that could hide an agenda, she knows he's trouble. And for the first time in her life, a little trouble might be just what she needs.

No, what she wants. It isn't like she'd ever marry the guy. Until she does.

What she thinks will be her happily ever after is only the beginning.

Cal has a secret. One that makes loving him come with a price, and being his wife costs more than she bargained for.

Cal Scott is hell in a Armani suit. Find out why thousands of readers love him and why they are shocked by his secret in this whirlwind romance now.


★★★★★ "Plot Twist to End All Plot Twists."-KaylasPlaceReviews

★★★★★ "Total and Complete Mind F*ck!!!!!"-Jenna, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ "5 mysterious Stars!!!... Whats in the dark, will always come to light"-Jennifer Lafron, Goodreads Reader

★★★★★ "This is most definitely a must read."-Obsessed by books blog

★★★★★ "This.. this... this omg.. this story is freaking amazing!!!!!.. 
Just READ THIS NOW!!"-Elizabeth, Persuing Princesses

★★★★★ "This book kept me on the edge of my seat and I could not put it down. From a beautiful romance, to complete dread, shock and then brought back up. The feels……." -Reviewer


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Begin the If I Break series with book 1: Wrecked. Then dive into the Her series, with Book 1: Her.

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Book #1: Wrecked

“Can you stay?” I blurt out and immediately regret it. 

He stops in his tracks, his back toward me—there’s silence, and I remember I’m supposed to be asleep. But here I am, punishing him for his last act of decency toward me. 

“Just—just until I fall asleep,” I manage to squeak out without my voice breaking, my old self content that the words have been spoken. The jaded, vindictive woman I’ve become these last few months cringes at the sound of them.

He doesn’t answer, but he walks back toward the bed. I slowly release the sheets trapped between my fingers. He sits on the edge of the bed, still not facing me, and rests his elbows on his thighs, his hands clasped together. I feel the burning sensation in my chest followed by the stinging coming up in my throat. In the next few minutes, I’m not going to be able to stop crying.

I immediately regret asking him to stay. I tell myself he has to be here out of pity, or some fucked up sense of duty, granting his desperate wife a last request. A wife who doesn’t even know where the fuck he’s going and what’s making him sit so far away from me on our bed as if I’m disgusting. I change my mind. I want him out, but I can’t tell him without unleashing what will be an uncontrollable, hideous wail. So I quickly force myself back onto the bed, pull the sheets over my face, and try my best to whimper as quietly as I can.

His weight shifts, and I know he’s risen. I knew this would be too much for him. Why should he have to sit here and deal with this? He’s leaving anyway, and being here now isn’t going to make the resolution of this any better. He shouldn’t have come back in. He should have left me in my grief, lying on the floor alone. After all, that’s what he’s ultimately going to do.

When the sheet lifts off me, it’s like a splash of water on my face. When he climbs in beside me and pulls me toward him, it’s a comfort so conflicting, it almost gives me a headache. My mind tells me to push him away, overriding every other thought. I attempt to do it, placing my hands on his chest, but he pulls me toward him, wrapping his strong arms around me, and I don’t put up much more of a fight. He holds me tightly. I feel his heart beating rapidly, but when I look at him, his expression is calm. He stares past me, and I wonder if he’s in this moment with me. I don’t know if I want him to be, but I do know what I want. 

I shift in his arms, and he looks down at me. I bring my lips to his, pressing against them, holding my breath as I do. When he pulls away, my heart drops, and I can’t face him. I quickly make a break from the bed, but he grabs my arm. He looks confused and conflicted, and it’s just making things worse. One thing that Cal has never denied me is his kiss, his touch, his body—they were all mine, and it’s breaking my spirit that he’s doing this now.

“I—I’m still going to have to leave.”

His voice is unyielding but soft, and it makes me melt. His grip on my wrist is gentle but firm enough to not allow me to run away, which was my absolute intention. I wish I could stop him from running away so easily. I replay his words in my head, trying to decipher the meaning, and in my clouded, emotional state I realize he’s trying to give me a choice. For once, he’s not trying to use sex as a bandage or as a means of control or manipulation. But I have to say his timing sucks.

I take a deep breath and command my voice to be steady. “I want to go to sleep.” 

My voice is raspy and somewhat harsh. I clear my throat and wipe away any vulnerability and sincerity. I want him to know that him giving me his body wouldn’t be a knife stabbing through me, that this isn’t about trying to keep him here—but that I need this now. His guilt about it is not a priority to me now.

“Put me to sleep,” I say, sternly commanding my normal voice to return...

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"In the tumultuous 'If I Break' series, Lauren Brooks navigates her unexpected marriage to the enigmatic Cal, a relationship filled with secrets and trials. As each revelation unfolds, Lauren finds herself questioning everything she knows about love, trust, and the price she's willing to pay for a chance at a true 'happily ever after.'

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Meanwhile, smitten Ian is captivated by the enigmatic Alana, a woman as alluring as she is mysterious, and he's determined to uncover the layers beneath her striking facade, setting them on a collision course with love's complex realities.







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